Discover the Biomebox

We united best-of-class environment control technologies to create a new kind of bioreactor for complex organisms, starting with plants. The Biomebox® opens up new fields of possibilities in research and industrial applications, focused on the production of high-value ingredients with a cost-effective and scalable solution.

Pitch-perfect precision farming

We deliver solutions for the most ambitious high-value ingredient production projects, to precisely steer any metabolic path. We believe in environment specialization for each crop and application. Start a new indoor farming experience now.

Environment control

State-of-the art environment control to replicate any biome from tropics to high mountains, with perfect uniformity and stability.


Different sizes and layouts available for a perfect fit with your target crops and applications – from tall-growing plants to root culture or high-density cultivation.

Elastic scalability

Manage a virtually unlimited number of units in the same location : increase your production diversity, or scale your growing area with your needs in a painless way.

Observable, all the way

Go beyond T and RH measurements, with a new set of advanced metrics and sensors. Get deep and actionable insights into what's really happening in the plant, not just at the environmental level.

New biological superpowers

The Biomebox provides a comprehensive runtime for programming crop cycles : sunrise and sunset, seasonal amplitude, scheduled abiotic stresses – you'll have total control over the biological playbook to execute.

Here are some examples of what you could do :

  • Drive floral induction for evergreen flower production
  • Improve active compounds concentration in the plant
  • Produce consistent quality plant material : seeds, bulbs, rhizomes, clones
  • Invent new environment paradigms never seen on earth

Lab-grade design

The Biomebox is designed with high conformity standards to fit in every laboratory environment and ensure a production with top level quality and security.

  • Stainless steel reach-in enclosure
  • Only food-grade & corrosion-resistant materials for sanitary compliance and durability
  • CE, UL, FCC, NSF conformity for all subsystems
  • Worldwide compatibility (electrical, water, telecom)
  • Made in France, components from top EU suppliers

Technical specifications

Environment control


Temperature 5~40°C [±0,5°C uniformity]

VPD 50~1500 Pa

CO2 400~5000 ppm


Fixed-spectrum or fully controllable LED lighting (up to 8 channels)

PPFD up to 2500 µmol/s/m², efficacy up to 3,2 µmol/J


Laminar airflow, controllable velocity : 0,2 ~ 2 m/s


Several irrigation systems available (ebb & flow, NFT, mist, aeroponics…)


Nutrient dosing from 4 to 15 elements for tailor-made nutrition recipes


Growing area

1 to 12 m² growing area per module on 1 to 5 layers

Base module

2 200 mm (W) x 2 800 mm (H) x 900 mm (D)

Fully standalone, fits in any space, lightweight infrastructure

Software & Data

User experience

Comprehensive and user-friendly Web interface for authoring recipes and operating cultures

Integrated historic data archival with one-click exports

Operations & security

Monitoring and alerting system routing to SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, or web hooks for peace of mind

Can work standalone and fully offline or integrate with modern cloud and IT automation platforms

Bulletproof security, with optional full air-gapped mode

Data & API

Data platform ready to integrate with your data science tooling : R, Python, Jupyter

Advanced IT integration possible through Biomebox API

Use cases

Plant research

Unlock specific metabolic pathways or reproduce any biotope with an unmatched environment control.

Raw material production

Produce batches of high quality ingredients using repeatable recipes.

Speed breeding

Rush through crop development phases to accelerate your research.

Active compound extraction

Steer the plant through biotic and abiotic physiological levers and augment the concentration in target compounds.

Start growing now

Biomebox are made to order depending on your application.

First commercial units ship in Q4 2022.

Ready for the next stage ?

The Biomebox is only the first step.

Get in touch with us – top industrial companies already trust us to scale their high-value ingredients production projects with our best-in-class technology.

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