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We offer turnkey solutions for a local and sustainable production of plant-based raw material

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Tech The Moon

Technology to grow beyond leafy greens

Our technology enables the indoor production of a whole new spectrum of plants : alpine plants, tropical plants, plants with fruits, root vegetables – we make it happen.

Our systems are designed to offer you the physiological and biological levers to optimize and predict the production of secondary metabolites.

Ready to take the leap ? We accompany your projects along all steps, from R&D validation to industrial production.

Our unfair edge

We're not another indoor farming systems company.

We're a team of industry veterans 100% focused on specialty crops for high-value ingredients and we've built the technology that makes it possible today.

Modularity – one size doesn't fit all

We adapt to your crop portfolio with our parametric design and scale with your needs. Our approach is to provide dedicated environments tailored for each plant to maximise output.

Compliance – space grade tech

The French space agency (CNES) commissioned Orius to provide modules aimed at anticipating food production on the moon. On Earth, this translate to GMP compliance and the highest standards of biosecurity.

Replicability from R&D to production

We guarantee the expected outcome at industrial production scale, offering technology to precisely act on any metabolic paths for a highly concentrated and predictable composition.

In-house crop steering research

From plant morphology & metabolic needs to specific plant parts production, we fit your needs in our own research facility in Toulouse, France before you setup your own. We can provide growing protocols for maximising active ingredients output.

Our services

Upstream study

We put your project on the right track

  • Feasibility studies (agronomic & financial)
  • Experimentation in our facility to validate the project's KPI and claims
  • R&D as a service

Pilot production

Your pilot production facility, tailored to your needs

  • From 5 to 500+ square meters of cultivation area
  • Full stack integration from utilities to process equipment
  • Can be fully configurable for advanced crop research capability


We plan, design and build your industrial scale facility

  • We manage all the moving parts for painless deployment
  • Replicate your best achievements
  • Reach your target KPIs, quality & economics



On-demand responsible, local, Cosmos-certified natural ingredients ? It's now possible


High-quality food complements, supercharged in nutrients and vitamins


Safe, certified production of active ingredients from medicinal plants

New Space

Energy & resource-efficient production of high-nutritional-value food for space exploration



Paul-Hector Oliver
Entrepreneurship and biology maven
Pierre Jay
Finance and engineering polymath
Jérôme Velociter
Product and computer science crackerjack

You have a high value ingredients production project?

Let's discuss your objectives & KPI and see if and how Orius can help you reach them

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